Thursday, January 29, 2009


A proud day. Arlington County gave me my Hacker's license (look up the definition, ok?). I'm H19869, which means I'm in a select group of fewer than 20,000 individuals who have ever received a hacker's license in Arlington County. Pretty heady stuff!

I also got fingerprinted, and we mailed them off to the FBI for a criminal background check. I'll admit, it's pretty badass to have to put down that I have a scar over my left eye, even if it's just because I got drunk in Iowa and fell off my bar stool.

One sad note about today. It was one last goodbye to the Class of January 26th 2009 Arlington County cab driver's test crew. I'll miss those guys. Jamshed, Havid, and Ali #1 and Ali #2 were nice fellows. And you know how it always goes. We say we'll keep in touch, but people get busy, kids have soccer practice, nobody took down anyone else's phone number....and suddenly you never see them again.

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  1. why no mention of muhammads #1-#7? what - they're not good enough for you to mention in your blog?