Monday, April 13, 2009

baseball games

I love my cabbie schedule because I can take off whenever I feel like it. Last Thursday, the Danner and Anya and I went to Baltimore for an afternoon game (thanks Ned!) and today my brothers and my dad and I are going to the Nats Opening Day game. Well, it's opening day if we discount the 0-6 start so far.

Also, I worked both weekend nights - made a ton on Friday, less than a ton on Saturday. DID get a bag of pretzels on Saturday night though. I took a group of young ladies from Pentagon City into a club around McPherson Sq. They had been drinking a little beforehand and were a little silly, and we were all we getting along great. When we pulled up to the curb next to the club, the loudest girl in the backseat leaned forward and asked me if she could leave her pretzels with me. Her friends laughed and said that I wasn't going to be her cab driver on the way back, and she was really weird for leaving them with me.
Pretzel Girl: What's weird about having pretzels, I didn't eat anything all day and I don't want them to take up room in my purse.
Other girl: It's not weird to have pretzels, it's weird to leave them with your cab driver.

They appealed to me for a verdict.
Me: Yeah. That's pretty weird.

Goat of the weekend: The girl who had me take her from Ballston to a club in Suitland, MD. Meter read 37.95, and she gave me 38 singles. Hero of the weekend: my cab ride with E, which was hilarious and well-paid. Thanks boss!

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