Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since I am an egotist and I love giving directions, being a cab driver is great. People roll down their windows to ask how to get somewhere all the time.

Places I have given other drivers directions to in the last few weeks:
From 9th and Penn to the 1100 block of Penn.
From the middle lane of Independence eastbound at 15th St to 395 South.
From 1500 Arlington Blvd to the Rosslyn Metro.
From the Key Bridge to the entrance ramp of the Whitehurst Freeway.

Unsuccessful attempt at giving directions in the last few weeks:
From Northbound Washington Blvd at Pershing to Rt. 123. Or maybe he wanted 123 up to McLean? Coulda been that he wanted it down to Burke. But it is really unlikely he was going down to Occoquan.

Look, it's hard to give directions to 123 from Washington Blvd and Pershing, ok? Give me a break.

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  1. i see you've learned how to hyperlink since i last checked your blog.

    the future... IS NOW