Wednesday, April 8, 2009

this blog isn't supposed to be only about foreigners...

...but a couple days ago, I committed another boner. This time it was a young Belgian woman who was asking me for advice on whether she should move to DC or to New York from her current home in Chicago. It seemed like her biggest priorities were working in international affairs and cultural activities in the city (plays, symphonies, museums). So I gave her some advice (sorta), then asked how she liked Chicago in those respects. She likes Chicago, and I told her that it's a pretty great spot, and then I have to confess, I took the opportunity to make a gratuitous dig at the rest of the midwest, Iowa specifically. How the HELL was I supposed to know she went to Drake University in Des Moines (from Belgium!?), played tennis there, met and married her husband there, and lived there for five years?


  1. If only you'd been more diligent in your study of the greatest boners of all time.

  2. don't dig on iowa, my friend. not wise...