Thursday, May 7, 2009

famous passenger

Well, sorta. Yesterday I picked up General Petraeus's wife, which is about as close as I've come to someone famous. She was a nice lady, although maybe a little too quick to mention her famous husband. It's kinda hard to naturally work that into a conversation, and she didn't make much effort at it. I don't mind though - I'm happier knowing, right?

Also, I took a guy for the second time in a week. He's a young, sharply dressed west African guy who speaks with that cool African-French accent. What is really amazing about him is that he speaks five languages, his native dialect, French, English, Spanish and Russian. I heard him talking on the phone to someone and he was switching in and out of four of those, sometimes in the same sentence. I couldn't understand the parts in French or his dialect, but he would say things like "Well of course he gave you that, es lo que hace con todo el mundo." Crazy, and really impressive.

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  1. Haven't found any cash lately?