Friday, May 1, 2009


I was picking up at a grocery store yesterday afternoon, which usually means an old woman, a half-mile trip and about $4.50 for me. I don't mind - I'm just saying that I spend most of those trips looking forward to the next one. Well, I picked up a young guy, mid-30s or so, who was on the phone and hollers at me when he gets in "MVC." I thought I had heard him right - MVC Late Night Video is a porn shop, and they have a couple different locations in the area. I asked him which one he wanted, and he said "Man, I don't care, any of them, I'm not from around here." Well, I'm no expert on MVC late night videos or anything, but I can tell you that anyone who used to be a 13-year-old boy in the Bailey's Crossroads area knows EXACTLY where that MVC is (well, 13-year-olds in the pre-internet era, anyway. Maybe things are different nowadays). I took him right over, and then waited outside for him (and watched some very nervous fellows walk in while I was idling outside) and then took him back. Needless to say, he and I shared a lot in common, it was a good long trip and he tipped great.

Two fares later was a guy going from Crystal City out to Herndon, which is a huge fare. That was all fine and good, except that he spent the whole (long) time trying to convince me to join the Marines, which is really just an awkward conversation if the cab driver isn't interested.

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