Tuesday, May 12, 2009

thanks for the advice, buddy

I picked up a guy on an account at a bar near Capitol Hill yesterday evening. While telling me that he keeps a stack of cab vouchers around and goes through about four or five per day (basically defrauding his company), he dispensed the following nuggets of advice:

Bribe the Red Top dispatchers
Lose my "dumb jock" attitude (Ha! the guy guessed that I went to school on an athletic scholarship - who the hell would EVER believe that about me?)
Claire McCaskill is a loser Democrat
Don't ever get married (been married 21 years, and it sounds all good at the time but you don't realize how MISERABLE you're going to be and how much SHIT you have to put up with)
Work on a committee for a few years then leave and make huge amounts of money

He also said he's quitting next year and he's returning to California. What's he going to do? "Walk the earth." Yeah, he sounds like a real flower child. Also, he said we should get drinks and talk about my future, which I think I'll pass on.

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