Monday, May 11, 2009

manager material?

I walked in to pay for my cab this morning and my "mentor" waved me over to his office. There's been talk about moving me into the Inside operation at Red Top. He said that I've been doing a good job and that people like me around the office. I told him that I'm interested, of course - it would mean that I'd be a substitute manager, so I'd get a free day of the cab, work inside and get paid for it, and then I could drive a few more hours if I wanted to make some more money. It seems like a rapid rise to me, too, and pretty silly of them. I'm like Andy Garcia's character in Godfather III.

I bet they wouldn't think of me as manager material if they knew what happened on Thursday. I pulled off what has definitely been my most massive boner yet. I picked up an attractive woman in her early thirties at some apartment building in Georgetown and took her a really bad route to National Airport. She was furious. Really really angry. But once you start going somewhere in Georgetown, you're kinda we just kept going the way she hated. She said "Oh God I'm gonna miss my flight!" and then I offered her a free ride and we sat in silence for the rest of the 20 minute ride (woulda been about 12 minutes if I had gone the right way....). I spent most of the trip admiring the scenery to the left side of the car so that I didn't have to look anywhere close to her direction. I was dreading what I knew had to do when we got to National - ask her which airline I should drop her at. She said "United - not like it matters now." I nodded and stayed silent. "Do you EVER drive in DC?" she asked in an agitated voice. "Fairly often, actually," I tersely responded. And then, finally, I dropped her off at United. She paid (and tipped, actually - probably so that she didn't have to wait for me to pull out change) and ran out of the cab before I could give her back her money. I mean, it's great to get paid for bad work performance, especially because my mistake made it more expensive, but I wish I could have that one back.


  1. If she ever drives in DC, she should know to account for traffic and build time into her transit schedule for making a flight. People don't pay attention to this if they're frequent travelers, because it could never happen to them and then when it does-- the nearest person catches the fallout. Too bad for you, despite your alleged boner.

  2. Yeah, to be honest, it doesn't sound like much of a boner at all, or maybe something only a cabby or DC vet would understand.

    She tricked you into thinking you pulled a boner because she was all hot and bothered.

  3. youre actually more like eddie murphy in trading places - you are making big unexpected moves - but everyone but you knows its a joke.