Monday, March 9, 2009

bag lady

I really did not mean for this blog to be about odors in my cab, but it turns out I wrote that one post a little too early. On Saturday morning, I went to go pick up a lady at a nursing home, and she was a bag lady. You know, big bags of random stuff, a little cart to carry them, and a cane, all of which I dutifully loaded in the trunk. She was heavily made up, but not like the drag queen; more like a person who has no idea how much make up she is putting on. Then I took her to the Safeway around the corner.

I feel kinda bad saying this, but she reeked of, well, piss. I definitely opened the windows immediately and practically stuck my head out. Nothing a little febreeze couldn't take care of afterwards, though! She was perfectly pleasant - we talked about how nice the weather was, she mentioned that she usually walks, but not that day for whatever reason. I guess I don't understand the bag lady economy particularly well, but since when do bag ladies take cabs? And why would she bother bringing all of her stuff with her to the supermarket?


  1. Think of bag ladies as turtles, like a shell, they have to carry their homes with them. Is a turtle without a shell homeless or naked? I would venture to say that a bag lady without her bags is both homeless and naked.

  2. HOLY Sh*t! Did you pick this lady up from the Lockwood House up near Upton Hill and take her to the Safeway at Willston Center @ Route 50 and Patrick Henry?

    If so, that lady has been hanging out at that Safeway with ridiculous amounts of makeup and and a bunch of random bags since I was like 8 years old, when I used to live in that neighborhood. I can't believe 20+ years later she's still there! She looked super old when I was a kid, I wonder how old she is, talk about a flashback, I used to be kind of scared of her...