Saturday, March 7, 2009

drag queen

I picked up a guy dressed in heavy heavy make up and some sort of weird pirate-looking bandana-wig get up last night. She had a very deep voice, but actually did appear pretty feminine, and then she asked to go to 17th St in DC. I asked where on 17th, and she said "Oh anywhere, I'll find my way from there," which really kicked in my chivalrous, classy side, before I remembered that she was actually a dude. But she was slender - I wonder what the rules are on that? I wouldn't drop off a young woman just somewhere on a street in DC to let her "find her way" somewhere, but does a slender, feminine drag queen count as a guy or a lady? I ended up dropping her off at Nelly's at 9th and U, so I felt good about that. On her way out, though, I goofed up and said "Have a good time man!" Is that acceptable, or should I have just stayed gender neutral? Tough calls.


  1. Gender neutrality is always a good call! My general rule of thumb is, if they look like a lady you should treat them like one. Afterall, if you were dressed in drag wouldn't you want to be treated like you were pretty?

  2. You should have told her she looked beautiful!!! Which reminds me, there's drag brunch somewhere in DC, we should go sometime...

    Real reason for this post: I have a cab story for YOU...
    Yesterday I caught a ride near brooklyn bridge with a seemingly sweet cabbie. However, when a car didn't let him merge he went completely bipolar. He scraped all the way up alongside the other car (how does that solve anything?) while screaming obscinities out his window and eventually swinging perpendicularly to block the entire street of beeping/yelling traffic. The 3 ppl from the other car come flying out with racial slurs and f- this f- that, dumping their drinks all over the cab and lunging through the open windows... I decided to quietly exit stage left without paying. I kept thinking: What would Tom do in this situation?

    Moral of the story: Who says nothing is free in NY?!

  3. holy crap! that's a ridiculous cab driver