Sunday, March 1, 2009

funny friday night girls

At 2:50 am Saturday morning, I picked up a girl (let's call her Madison) outside Hard Times Cafe right by the Clarendon Metro, and sat there waiting for a few minutes for her roommate (how about....Steph) to come out of Hard Times.
"Can we wait just a few minutes? She's in there talking to this REALLY CREEPY GUY! UGGGHHHH. He was so CREEPY!"

I turned on the meter, so of course I had all day to wait, but she kept apologizing for it. That was sweet of her, since I was making money just sitting there. Finally Steph got in the cab and we started going.

Madison: You didn't give him your number did you!? He was gross!
Steph: I dunno maybe. [turns to me] Hey, you're American....and white, and kinda cute.
Madison: Yeah he's cute for a cab driver. [I don't think that was actually a compliment]
Steph: Hey, wanna come party with us in DC?
Me: DC, eh?
Steph: Yeah what are you doing? You should come party with us.
Me: I'll drive you to DC, sure, where do you wanna go? [DC trips make me money]
Steph: How about Adams Morgan?
Me: Well, you know the bars are closing, right, it's 2:50 am.
Steph: Oh God, it's late. Hey, do you wanna make out with us? We're roommates.....
Madison: UGHHH! When she's drunk she hits on EVERYONE!


  1. This story was much funnier when you told it in person. I still can't believe you turned them down.

  2. haha, they were actually remarkably attractive, both of them.