Monday, March 16, 2009

big downer this morning

I had to be at Red Top at 5:30 this morning to guarantee that I got a cab to drive around (I was able to get Red Top #55 back - totally sweet). I had to take all my junk out of the cab because someone else was driving it this weekend, which creeps me out a little bit, to be honest. Getting in this morning it was like someone had slept in my bed or something (someone besides Corey or Pat, of course). I crashed at Greenie's place last night right when I got back from the airport so that I could walk over to Red Top from his place.

The big downer was that when I was racing around to pack up all my stuff on Friday morning, I didn't think to take a map with me out to Colorado, so I didn't have it in the cab with me this morning. No big deal, I pretty much know all the streets by now and I even got a couple compliments last week about how well I know the roads without using a GPS. Well, you can see where this is going - my second fare of the morning took me out to some obscure address in Fairfax city that he had never been to and didn't know the way. I called up our dispatcher to ask for directions, and he was able to get me out there....but really, considering the dude has maps right in front of his face and presumably used to be a cab driver, his directions were laughably bad. Combine my being tired from 4 hours of sleep last night, pissed off at myself for being a cab driver and not having a damn map in my cab, and angry at this dispatcher for not being able to look at a map and notice that the street I was trying to find loops around and hits Jermantown Rd twice.....I was an unhappy little boy. Anyway, the guy asked "does the tip go to you or to the dispatcher?" and then tipped me nicely, so I guess I can't stay angry.

But actually, it's good to be back driving again! I wonder if I'll miss it as much when I stop this summer as I did this past weekend.

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  1. Imagine you're on a painted two lane road. Both lanes have traffic. Now imagine driving your cab up the center dashed white line squeezing between a beer delivery truck and a panel truck. I've been in the cab when this was done! Only inches from either vehicle, this is skill, this is how the cabs drive in Colombia.