Tuesday, March 31, 2009

law school advice

I drove tonight, and picked up a couple interesting fares. My first fare was an enormously fat guy that I picked up at a bar near Columbia Pike and Walter Reed. He actually had a tough time getting in the cab; I had to move the front passenger seat forward so he could squeeze in, and he was really drunk and out of breath until we got to the Burger King. I ordered for him (sometimes passengers scoot over to behind me so they can order, but this guy wasn't doing much scooting) - a #2 large (that's a double whopper) with a coke, 2 junior whoppers, and 12 chicken fries, which are like small chicken tenders or something, I guess. Anyway, $14.91 is a hell of a lot of food at Burger King. I had to help him out of the cab when we got to his place. Then he grabbed my hand to shake it and said, "A white cab driver!" I responded that I know I'm not common, and he said "I don't get it. But I love it!" It was a gross and uncomfortable encounter all around.

My last fare of the night was an awesomely drunk guy from a hole-in-the-wall bar in Clarendon (I didn't know those existed). We got to talking and he asked if this is all I do, and I mentioned law school, so he gave me some sage advice.
Jay: Look, man, when you go and do your....thing....law thing, keep doing YOUR thing. Keep doing what you do [did he mean driving a cab? or just "being me"?]. And...get a real estate license.
Me:Real estate, huh? That's a good idea, that way I can be a one-stop shop, right?
Jay: Yeah, one stop, and....also, you should....get to know people. Get to know an athletic trainer, or BE an athletic trainer, that way you can meet people, you know NBA or NFL players or whatever. Like, my cousin....he used to train Chris Samuels.
Me: Hey man, thanks a lot for the advice!

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  1. Could've been worse, big guy could've asked you up...

    And I mean shoot, in this housing market? Real estate has GOT to be the way to go once you get out of law school!