Tuesday, March 3, 2009

snowstorm, reston trip

Snowstorms are actually pretty scary for a cab driver. The more miles you drive, the more likely it is that an accident will happen, even in the best of conditions, and when things are slippery and gross and treacherous, it only gets worse. I drove for a couple hours yesterday morning during the heart of the storm, and then I had to go home once I started not being able to make it up some hills. The customers that I had in the morning were delightful though - they took a cab because they recognized how dangerous it was for themselves, and so they were all very understanding about how damn slowly I was driving.

This morning I took a woman from Cherrydale (Lee Hwy and Old Dominion) all the way out to Reston, which was a $40 fare. We were chatting, and then she had a phone call and mentioned it was a doctor's appointment, so rather than drive all the way back by myself, I waited and got a cup of coffee until she was done, then took her to work in Alexandria, a $60 fare. She tipped not at all, but it was still a great couple hours we spent together.

And, just to respond to the comments about the Friday night girls - they were actually pretty hot. And again, I'm a classy dude who doesn't like potential legal problems, which is why I didn't take them up on it.


  1. when he says "pretty hot" he means "old and busted"

    i still dont understand why you turned them down

  2. You are a gentleman and a scholar. A rare breed in today's world of soul-rotting moral decay.

  3. Clearly you didn't take them up on the offer because the more sober girl was opposed to it - legal problems have never stopped "Red Top's Golden Boy" before.

  4. paul blart would have done it.

  5. It's illegal to make out with hot girls?