Wednesday, March 11, 2009

totally sweet wednesday morning

I'm pretty tired right now, but I just had a great morning. I got in from driving last night around 11:45 and woke up this morning at 2:55 am to go get a friend in Woodbridge and take her to National. I immediately followed that with a trip from Crystal City to Dulles (wooooo!), then got a guy on my way back and took him to near the White House, then picked up a woman from Georgetown and drove her back to Rosslyn. If you're keeping track (no worries if you're not - I am), that was a hugely efficient morning. Now I'm gonna sleep it off.

By the way, the lady I picked up in Georgetown was the same lady that I picked up last week that smelled like lady gym sweat. I took her to work, and I can report that she smelled delightful this morning, so it's good to know that it was probably just because of working out last week, not a constant thing.

There's something noble about taking pride in your work, I think. I stopped at a 7-11 at around 3:55 this morning to get another cup of coffee (I was really really tired). I went to go pay, and he asked if I had a minute, which I did. He told me to dump out that coffee because it had been sitting around for a while, and they were about to finish brewing a new pot, and I'd like it better. What a sweetheart! I mean, it was 7-11 coffee, so it still kinda sucked, but it takes real pride to be that friendly to a customer at 4 am.


  1. nice to see how 7-11 coffee makes you call men sweethearts. or maybe it's the lack of sleep that's causing it. did you at least tell the woman how nice she smelled, i'm sure she would have appreciated it.

  2. It takes a real man to call another man sweetheart