Monday, February 2, 2009

Cab #055

I was pretty nervous and flustered this morning. I woke up at 5 am and got over to Red Top around 5:40. Since it's pretty rare for any cab driver to start immediately in Red Top, I sounded like a doofus when I didn't know: 1) where the key to my car was, 2) how to use the credit card machine (that's still a bit of a problem), 3) that I had to have my own pens, 4) how to turn on the dispatch system in my cab, 5) how to turn on the meter in my cab, and, maybe worst of all, 6) where the hell 1 N Granada St is in Arlington. I think someone didn't make it to the airport on time this morning.....

Since then, though, I've had six fares (passengers), and I've known pretty much how to get to all their destinations. Buying maps this morning was REALLY smart.

Ok, back to the road - every minute I'm not working, I'm losing money!


  1. 1 N Granada St?? How the hell do you not know where that is? Thanks for making me miss my flight this morning. Jackass.

  2. oh harrison.... silly cabbie.