Thursday, February 12, 2009


In response to a couple of the questions about the hug in the comments, you all should keep in mind that I am a VERY classy young man, so when I drop a passenger off at the airport, I get out of the car, open the trunk, and place their bag on the curb for them. Piece of cake.

Can you believe that a fare from Rosslyn to Bethesda only comes out to $21? That was pretty disappointing last night. I thought I was in the money, but it turned out I was just in Bethesda, which really isn't that great.

In other news, I drove around the general manager of a bar I watched football at 6 or 7 times this fall with Shithead and Jimmy. He recognized me, then admitted that his bar wasn't particularly good. I already knew that, because last time we were there, Greenie saw a drug deal happen by the bathrooms in the back*.

* update
Mom, and Mrs. Greenhalgh -
That's why Brian and I don't go to that bar anymore.

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  1. Tom-
    I'm glad to hear you don't go there anymore, and I'm sure Mrs. G feels the same.

    However, I must tell you, you should use initials or acronyms for your friends who have "strange" names, as I am forwarding your blog to all my friends and family.