Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 2

I'm really tired. It's been another good morning, though, so I can't really complain, except about how awful traffic gets when lame-o DC drivers freak out about snow flurries. My cab's been full all day, which means that I'm making money. My first fare was $51 on the meter, but we got turned around because he didn't really know where he was taking me (it was way into Maryland, I'm not supposed to know all of that). I gave him $15 off because we got turned around a bit, and on top of the reduced $36 fare, he gave me a $2 tip. Owie. That guy was NOT a "good egg."

I turned on the meter at about 5:35 am or so this morning, which is REALLY early, and then didn't get my first call until 6:45, so I think this will be my last 5:30 morning. 6:30 is plenty early for me.

I drove a guy and his niece to the hospital yesterday because she had some sort of broken leg. He spent the whole time talking about his prostate, and how he had to have a catheter.

Other than that, I just drove a bunch of Republicans in this morning, and I was able to control my Democratic temper. I was proud of myself.


  1. A $2 tip? That must have been egg-sasperating!

  2. Be nice to Republicans, as most of us pay our taxes!

  3. scholars will look back upon this blog one day as a modern day version of Thoreau's Walden Pond...

  4. can't wait until I need a ride to BWI