Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No crazy stories yet

So, it turns out that most people that take cabs aren't insane like I was hoping they would be. Most of them are fairly normal and just want a ride somewhere. I get to hear phone conversations that are sometimes interesting - this morning, some big shots trying to sell an oil tanker, or talking about how their customer was really pissed off because the latest tanker totally failed one of the tests. But nothing truly crazy. Or, to put it another way more along what Greenie was hoping to hear, I haven't met even one transgendered couple so far. Not ONE!

I do plan to work tonight (anyone at a happy hour, give me a call, 703-822-3991), and Friday night, though, so maybe I'll get some crazy drunk people then.

I've had some fairly stressful situations, in a "I'm fairly sure I know where I'm going, but if I'm gonna make it to that exact point, I'll need some luck" kind of way. My strategy is always to stay in the middle lane and watch the street signs very, very carefully. For example, do I generally know where the Navy Yard is? Yeah, because the Nats stadium is right there. But I have no clue how a passenger would enter the Navy Yard for a meeting, none at all. That was this morning, but those three dudes got there, because I basically lucked out. I wonder when my first fare who really loses it on me is going to be.


  1. I volunteer to be your first transgendered passenger and the first one who loses it on you.

  2. Does it cost extra to have GPS in your cab?

  3. i wish i knew who maf54 was so i can make sure to pick you up

  4. i can't wait until the next night when there's a full moon and a chill in the air, and you stop on the side of a dark road to pick up a thin, pale girl with black, unkempt hair. she quietly asks you to take her to the cemetery. you end up making four wrong turns and she gets impatient, begging you to hurry. Eventually you get there, but then when you turn around to collect your fare, SHE WILL BE GONE!!!

    also, egg whites

  5. Tom-
    Why didn't you use a photo of yourself (who I think is really handsome) in the cab, or at least a real person, rather than that cardboard image of someone hanging out of a cab window?

    Egg Beaters have no cholesterol.

  6. 4 words: Rocky Horror Picture Show. Midnight, Saturday, University Mall Theatres.