Monday, February 9, 2009

Long weekend makes for tired Monday

The great thing about working until 3 am on Saturday morning is that I made a ton of money. The bad thing is that following that with a long, fun, festive Saturday night means that I am exhausted this morning. I'm gonna rest up, take a nap, then hit the road again this afternoon. Morning was kinda slow anyway, so I need to have a good evening to make it a successful day.

I was able to do some good, though, this morning. My first fare was taking a guy home from the hospital at about 7 am, and I can only imagine how tired HE was. So maybe he's feeling better now and resting up. Then, I took a Mauritanian guy from near Ft. Myer/Clarendon, where it looked like he had been visiting his girlfriend, to the Greyhound station in Northeast DC to go home to Philly. She walked him out to my cab, very concerned that he wouldn't make the bus, because he got in at 8:45 and had a 9:15 bus, which is pretty damn tough to pull off during the heart of rush hour. But I took some crafty routes and got him up there at 9:11. He says he has a small store where he sells souvenirs and knick-knacks, so if I move to Philly this fall, maybe I'll buy some dinky* keychains from him or something.

*update: I didn't mean to call the keychains crappy; I bet they are high-quality, just dinky.

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  1. Tom- Perhaps you should study up on some other careers while you have slow days in the taxi, so that in the event that you are called for a pick-up and someone needs more than just a cab driver, you can be there for them.