Thursday, February 26, 2009

red top's golden boy taken down a notch

I parked legally in DC last night on the west side of 16th St. During the morning rush hour, though, the west side of 16th St is a no-parking zone because it severely hampers rush hour traffic, which I had completely forgotten about. By the time I got to my cab around 7:30 this morning for a new day of driving, my cab had disappeared.

Getting your car from DC after it's towed is a pain in the ass, because you have to pay at Judiciary Square then go down to get it near the Anacostia metro, but it's even more annoying if it's a cab. I don't own my cab, I just rent it, so DC won't let me drive it off the lot without proof of my lease from the owner, Red Top. I had to metro over to Red Top World HQ in Clarendon, confess to my illegal parking, withstand some pretty nasty glares while they got me the paperwork, and then go back to do all the DC government stuff. And since it's a $100 ticket and a $100 towing fee, plus all the missed hours of driving....well, that's a real pisser.

BUT, it turns out that I didn't get towed all the way to the impound lot, because I had just gotten a "courtesy tow" from the DC government to a street a couple blocks away. They are so courteous! I still have to pay a $100 fine (sucks), but I got in my cab by 10:30 am, instead of much later, and I didn't have to pay a towing fee. And now I'll be driving all night to make up for it, so give me a call if you're out and need a ride.

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