Friday, February 6, 2009

First Friday night tonight

This could be a good day. In fact, I tend to use superlatives too often, but this could be my best day driving a cab EVER. I already had a solid morning, and my plan is to go out this evening (5ish or 6ish or so) and stay out until all the drunk people in Arlington go home. If there's going to be a night for stories, maybe it's tonight. Or, if nothing else, maybe someone will leave a scarf in my cab. I left mine at Knoll's at New Year's (am I gonna get that back, buddy?), so I could use a new one*.

*Red Top has a lost and found, you goofballs! That's where anything I find in my cab will go.


  1. Lost and found? Too bad I wasn't riding Red Top when I lost my camera/phone/dignity in a DC cab 2 birthdays ago.

  2. Your scarf is super warm. Its pretty cold out tonight, so Ill probably wear it. Thanks man.

  3. Knollski-- Give the scarf back, as you won't need it at Carnaval!