Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Expensive nails

I forgot to mention the one fare I had on Sunday. I was on my way back to my apartment in the morning and I figured I'd just see if I could get one ride in, so I signed into our system and immediately got a call. I went to pick her up at an apartment sorta near the Pentagon. She wanted to go to Rockville, which really was a little too far for what I wanted from the morning, but since it was gonna be a pricey fare, I figured I should do it. Turns out I don't really know anything about Rockville, but I think I was able to play it off fairly well, and I actually made it a pretty quick trip. That was good, because while we were driving up, she called her nail salon to ask if they could push back her appointment. She paid $45 for that cab ride to Rockville to get her nails done, and was going to pay another $45 to get home! Who the hell budgets $90 for transportation costs to get their nails done?

Last night, I took Kevin Love's uncle over into Georgetown to see him, because the T-Wolves are in town tonight. He was a nice guy, tipped great, and we had a good chat.


  1. this blog is a lot lamer than i thought.

    tom, you could spice it up with some risque story involving a lonely capital hill intern trying to get a ride back to gtown or some adventure involving a seedy cia operative trying to tail someone back to langley. make it up if you have to

    your friend,


  2. thats not an egg word jill

    egg salad!