Saturday, February 7, 2009


Friday was so good. I drove a lot of hours, from 5 pm until 3 am, with only a quick break to pick up some VA Square buddies, but it turned out to be very profitable. I'm bone tired, but it was worth it. It's pretty clear Fridays or Saturdays are how I'm going to really make my money in this job.

I learned a couple things, too. I drove a guy from Clarendon to my neighborhood in DC, Logan Circle. After I dropped him off and stopped to do some paperwork on P St, I learned that the only thing better than an impromptu sidewalk dance-off is an impromptu sidewalk dance-off with scooters. Also, being a young white cabbie means that drunk people will say the damndest things about how happy they are to have a white cabbie who doesn't speak like (insert really racist mocking of other languages). That was uncomfortable.

The other notable last night - two identically douchily dressed guys (dudes) who went to ballroom and insisted on starting every sentence with "Dude," as in "Dude, you should really bang girl X," or "Dude, you know what's funny, is how I KNOW, but you know it would never work out between us," or "Dude, he's the guy with the really hot girlfriend. But dude, he's cool, we're going into business together," or "Dude, where are we going?" (that was to me). I answered that we were going the quick back way to Clarendon Ballroom, and he said "Dude, cool, because we have NO problem yelling at a cab driver and not tipping." Those guys were AWFUL.


  1. dude, you think I say dude too much?

  2. Maybe this blog should be called 'Old Judgmental Cab'